Excel Level 3

Lookup Functions ; Pivot Tables ; Protection

Pré-requis :
Excel Level 2
Durée :
1 Day

Ordre du jour

Cell/Range Names

Create a Cell Name

Name Manager

Edit the Refer To Field

Apply Names to existing Formulas

Create a Range Name

Data Analysis

Automatic Filters

Excel Tables

Pivot Tables (Introduction Part 1)

Principles – Create pivot Table from Scratch

Vertical/horizontal/manual Sort

Summarize your Data

Format your PivotTable

Pivot Tables (Introduction Part 2)

Filters Field

Group your Data

Show Values as…

Calculated Fields

VLOOKUP Function



Absolute References in RECHERCHERV/VLOOKUP functions

MATCH function embedded in a VLOOKUP function

Conditional Formatting/Data Validation (Advanced)

Insert Formulas/Functions as Data Validation Parameter


Protect your entire Worksheet

Protect specific Cells

Protect your Workbook Structure

Protect your File